David and Fran

This pillow was born after a friend of mine came down with Lou Gehrig Disease.

Having to leave his side to travel back home from a visit, I wanted him to know that even though I couldn’t be there in person, I sure could remind him how much he was loved by leaving behind a handmade pillow to help comfort him and a photo attached to remind him who was thinking about him.

By including a recorder it is now possible to also leave the soothing sound of your voice.

May the person you purchase this pillow for also feel your love and hear your caring words!

Who Fran Is

Fran Rebello is the creator of the Surround by Love pillow collection. This is not her first invention (yackertracker.com) but states that inventing is her hobby and teaching was her profession. After 42 years of teaching, 27 of those years at the college level working with graduate students who were pursuing teaching credentials Fran retired  in the spring of 2013. This allowed her more time for creative inventing.

Surrounded by Love pillows came about after Fran and three other high school friends went to visit a very dear classmate who was dying from Lou Gehrig’s disease. At the end of the visit the friend was concerned that he would not see his school buddies again. That’s when Fran went home and made him a pillow that was embroidered with a heart, his name and the words, “you will always be surrounded by love”. The pillow also had a soft plastic frame in which Fran placed a photo of the five high school friends. David (the ailing gentleman) was so overwhelmed with the soft pillow, he kept it with him day in and day out, so he could remiFran Rebello with Boysnd himself of those special friends who even when they couldn’t be there in person, were there in spirit  and love, and though the attached picture.

Everyone that saw the pillow wanted one, and because of that Surround by Love pillows were created. Another friend and co-creator suggested that a recording device be incorporated. What a great addition

Who We Are

Surrounded by Love is owned and operated by AGI (Attention-Getters Inc.) A mother/daughter team. Fran is  the inventor and creator of the products and her daughter Tiffany has always been there to give her two cents worth, (and sometimes even more!). Tiffany’s family, (husband and three sons), have also been a big help and support to the business and everyday duties of processing and shipping.

It is the goal of SurroundedByLove.com as well as Yackertracker.com to provide quality products,  that in some way makes life a little easier for the products users, and also makes people smile.

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