Gift Giving Guide

Stuck for ideas? No problem, here’s some suggestions to get you started. Have a great idea as a reason to give a gift? Contact Us so we can let others know!

Valentine’s Day

A true classic. Let the love of your life hear your personal message just for them anytime they like.

Grandchildren moving away

A great way for you to remind them just how much you’ll miss them.

Mom or dad moving to a home

It’s always tough to see your parent having to give up some of their independence. Help give them some comfort in their new surroundings by having “you” always nearby.

Serious illness

The whole reason that sparked the idea for Surrounded By Love personal touch pillows. As much as you want to be there 24/7 for support, it often isn’t practical. A picture of you and your personal message is the next best thing to help remind them that you care!

Best friend moving away

It’s hard to imagine your “bestie” being too far away to hang out with, but life happens. Give them a personalized reminder of the good times you had, and hopefully will have again.

Soldiers overseas

It tough being a soldier, and it’s tough being a soldier’s spouse/child/significant other. Sometimes having something as personal as this can help them while they’re deployed.

Passed on

It’s difficult to imagine that a person who was so important has passed away. Grab a photo of them and a clip of something they said and you have a gift that can’t be beat for that difficult mourning period. Or record your own message to let them know how much they meant to you.