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Product Details for Surrounded By Love Pillows

Friends and Family will feel Surrounded By Love with this cuddly pillow holding a photo and your own personal message. Say you care with a beautiful photo and a message!  Record a message, sing a song or a group “We Love You!” that can be there when you can’t.

Record a new message as many times as you like up to and the comfy pillow holds your favorite 4″x6″ photo.

Recording Functions
NOTE: The PLAY and REC (record) buttons are located on the back of the pillow. You will feel the buttons through the pillow. The PLAY button will be on the left and the REC button will be on the right. If you press the REC button it will erase the previously recorded greeting.

Locate button near REC on back of pillow. Press and hold to record your message, greeting or song. Once complete, just release the button.

Locate the button near PLAY on the back of the pillow. Press and release the play button to play the recorded message, greeting or song.